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August 20, 2015 by Clay Unger

Lake Days - Getting the Right Angles with the Pole38HD

As I sit here melting during this dry Southern California summer, I'm day dreaming about days we spent on Lake Castaic and Pyramid last summer.  I made sure to record as much of the trips as possible with my GoPro and Pole38HD.

Unfortunately the float pole series wasn't released yet so I didn't have the same confidence using my camera out on the water as I do now.  What I had the most fun with was figuring out where to hold the pole to get the shot I wanted.  I found that holding the pole straight out behind me and full extended while wakesurfing captured the entire scene without being in the way.

The same idea applied when standing on the front of the boat.  I was able to capture what was happening on the boat as well as my friends wakeboarding behind it.  I'm looking forward to being back out there and hopefully taking the float poles for a spin! - Clay


August 06, 2015 by Clay Unger

The HangAir - The Most Underrated Surf Accessory

One of the best UKPro  products that does not get enough attention is the HangAir.  Perhaps one of the only downsides to fitting in the second surf sesh of the day is the thought of squeezing into your soggy wetsuit.

Thats why the first thing I do after I surf is throw my wetsuit on the UKPro HangAir!  The internal fan majorly cuts down wetsuit dry time and keeps your suit from getting that soggy / wet odor. Even when a plug is not available, the HangAir opens up your wetsuit which allows it to dry a lot faster than throwing it over your shower door or trying to dry it out with one of your regular hangers (which you find can snap in seconds).

This product has worked for me time after time and I hope it starts to get the recognition it deserves! - Clay

July 30, 2015 by Clay Unger

Exploring and Off-roading with the Pole38HD

The Pole38HD is my absolute favorite product from UKPro! I talk all about it in my bio.

This particular day we felt like exploring the backwoods of Canyon Country, California.  As I've said before this is one of the items I have on me at all times with my GoPro and this is why.  Once we got to the top of the mountain we realized we were above the clouds and brought out the pole to get some pics.  Once we started shooting we even used the Pole38HD to get the camera in close while staying out of harms way.

Check out a few of the pics and a short little video I made for Instagram

Product Update - UKPro Accessories and Pole Mounts Are All Compatible with the New GoPro HERO 4 Session Camera

Earlier this month, GoPro released its latest camera design, the HERO 4 Session. 

The smaller, lighter, waterproof camera makes it even easier for users to capture awesome lifestyle and adventure footage wherever they go.

UKPro Accessories for GoPro Session

The new design is 100% compatible with all of UKPro's poles, mounts, and grips, including the floating camera poles, and the Flex Grip dual mount

All of UKPro's GoPro storage cases also accommodate the HERO 4 Session. UKPro has created the best accessories product line for all GoPro cameras, including the new slimmer design. 

Stay tuned for new releases coming from UKPro by following our blog, and subscribe to our YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter

July 24, 2015 by UKPro Blog

JP Distribution to Sell UKPro Products in the UK & Ireland

We are pleased to announce that JP Distribution have been appointed as the UK Distributor for UKPro, the manufacturer of innovative GoPro® accessories including waterproof storage cases, camera poles and lighting accessories.

The UKPro range of products will be available through JP Distribution with immediate effect across the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Claudia Volland, Branch Manager of Underwater Kinetics Europe commented:

“We are happy to welcome JP Distribution as our new partner for the distribution of our UKPro line in the UK and Ireland. JP Distribution is a professional distributor of many leading accessory brands. Get to know our high-quality products which are produced for you as a professional user and which are now being distributed by our professional partner JP Distribution.”

For UK & Ireland residents to find out about the local availability of UKPro products in your area, contact JP Distribution.

For residents of other territories, find your local distributor on UKPro.com here. 

Geronimo! - Testing out the Pole 38HDF

I had a great time on this hike in Thousand Oaks, California. Lots of awesome views and one pretty sketchy waterfall.

Once I saw it I knew I was going to have to test it out.  I had been here previously but always worried about damaging / losing my GoPro if I decided to climb the waterfall. This time I confidently brought my Pole 38HDF because I knew that it could handle the impact and keep my camera afloat if need be.  

I actually used the method of biting the float (mentioned in my previous float pole video) to carry it up the back of the waterfall since I was on all four's and I admit, it worked out great.  So I made a little video for my Instagram and got some pretty sweet stills as well. - Clay

Blast Off - High Times at Jetpack America

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go down to Newport and take flight with one of Jetpack America's water powered jetpacks. What an experience! This was the perfect opportunity to test out the float poles and boy did they hold up.

Even when being dropped while up in the air they still stayed in tact and afloat. There were even times when the pole was dangling from the wrist band and my GoPro was taking a direct blast from the jetpack's spray and the camera didn't even move or come loose.  I was very impressed.

The crew down there was a lot of fun and we had a great time getting the footage together for this little video I made for Instagram (@clayunger). - Clay

And here's a couple stills as well..

Santa Monica Pier with the Pole 38HD

Sometimes we over think getting the "perfect GoPro footage".  Even though perfectly planned shots have the ability to turn out mind blowing, being in the right place at the right time also has its perks.  For me it was this California sunset at the Santa Monica pier. We waited in line for an hour an lucked out by riding the world famous ferris wheel just as the sunset was at its peak.  Check it out. - Clay Instagram - @clayunger

Saved by the Case - How Not to Lose Expensive Camera Gear in a River in Colorado

Dalton Grimer from Salt Lake City has been spending some quality summer hours in Colorado, and took his DSLR camera along for a stroll this morning. He wound up being very glad he had his waterproof UKPro case on him. 

Here's what he wrote to us today : 


"As I went to cross the stream this morning I had my DSLR around my neck, and I thought I better put it in my UKPro chard case just to be safe.

I'm so glad I did because I took a tumble and my case went floating down the river!

I quickly recovered it and found my GoPro, camera, and all the accessories safe and dry. Saved me over $2000! An amazing product. Thank you so much!"

Thank you Dalton for sending in your story.

Do you have a tale of adventure, fortune, or amusement to share regarding your GoPro or UKPro accessories? Send it in and we'll feature you on our blog!

July 16, 2015 by UKPro Blog