Tips for Shooting GoPro Footage at Night - How to Use UKPro's Freestyler for the Best Night Shots

Our series of Tips and Tricks from the field videos continues today with our brand ambassador Clay reporting in from his favorite skateboarding site. 


When shooting video at night or in the dark with the GoPro cameras, it can be difficult to get the proper exposure to your footage. With the help of UKPro's Freestyler Kit, this problem can be overcome, and Clay has some great hints for getting the best angles and pics in the video above.

The Art of Travel - Davide Leopizzi Rides Across Europe on a Secondhand Vespa

"This is an experience that does not happen every day and that somehow can make you feel like a hero".

Those are the words of Davide Leopizzi, an Italian artist who earlier this year embarked on what he calls an "artistic journey" across Europe, from the Southern Italian village of Parabita to the North Cape of Norway at the other end, all in service of the project he calls Hyperbòrea.

And he's doing this on his second-hand 1982 Vespa PX125E.

UKPro Pole38HD on Vespa

UKPro wouldn't dare miss out on this type of gumption, so we supplied Davide with some great GoPro accessories for his journey, including a Pole38HD extendable pole which the artist ingeniously mounted on various places on his Vespa to get unique angles on his ride.

"At some point I realized that I needed a project that transported me completely, so that's how the idea was born of a long journey", Davide explained to us from the road recently. "As you can imagine, it is not hard in Italy to find a Vespa, and I decided to use one because as an artist I did not have a lot of resources", he continued.

"Someone is always asking me, why not make the journey by car instead? But to feel the wind in your face is certainly a stronger feeling on a Vespa!"

UKPro Extendable Pole38HD on Vespa Denmark

By all signs the journey has been a very rewarding one, taking Mr. Leopizzi from the boot of Italy all the way to a chilly summer in Northern Scandinavia.

"I was really overwhelmed by the beauty of Norway! During my stop on the Lofoten Islands the weather was not the best, but the clouds that mingled constantly with the light of the midnight sun moved me deeply. The landscapes there are some of the most beautiful in the world!"

We were pleased to be there for Davide's journey. Check out his Facebook page for the latest images and updates from his trip and upcoming videos detailing the entire project, and see his website for the Hyperbòrea project here.

His closing words on the gear : "If you have a GoPro you can not do absolutely what you want without the help of UKPro."

UKPro Pole38HD on Vespa Norway



June 30, 2015 by UKPro Blog

Street Team Spotlight - Tips for UKPro Floating Poles

UKPro's Street Team Ambassador Clay Unger takes over the blog today to share some of his favorite tips and advice for filming with the UKPro floating GoPro poles. 

The Pole22F, Pole38HDF, and Pole54HDF are super versatile for use in water sports, boating, kayaking, or just jumping into the water from unwise places.

How to get the GoPro and pole out to the water when surfing? How to film yourself on a board with a longer pole? How can you film yourself skimboarding? Clay has the answers below.

Check out our Street Team page here for more information on how to join and the rest of our videos on the video page!

Traveling with GoPro® - The Best Gear for Photography on the Road

GoPros can be mighty handy when traveling the world. Documenting your trips and amazing locations is easy with such a small convenient camera. Bring along some of UKPro's accessories and you can really make your vacation film shine!

Taking a travel selfie with UKPro Pole38HD

Cody Traxler of Radical Visual Photography is out there right now on a trip around Australia and Fiji and seems to be having a whole lot of fun.
Check out these awesome shots he sent in, all taken with the aid of the UKPro Pole38HD, ideal for travel selfies and versatile, steady shots in the kinds of beautiful environments we'd all like to vacation in.
While you're at it, see all the different UKPro poles available!

Filming landscapes with GoPro and Pole38HD


May 01, 2015 by UKPro Blog

Flying with UKPro - Glider GoPro Flight Around Mountain

Erik Feder from Venezuela filmed this very cool clip with his UKPro Pole54HD pole. The pole dangling out of the window of his ASK-21 U Glider gives an awesome view of the flight as they circle a large looking mountain pretty close.

Erik and his buddy Alberto Ruiz filmed the clip at Altagracia de Orituco in Venezuela, using a GoPro camera on a Pole54HD UKPro pole extended to its full 54" glory.

See more of Erik's adventures on his Instagram at @ErikFeder, and follow UKPro too for good measure at @ukprogear.


April 17, 2015 by UKPro Blog

"Ultimate in Camera Protection" - GoPro Tips and Tricks Reviews the UKPro POV60 Case

Kyle Martin, who runs the very popular GoPro Tips and Tricks YouTube channel, recently posted a review of the UKPro POV 60 multi-camera GoPro case.

UKPro POV60 Case for Four GoPro Cameras

Calling it the "ultimate in camera protection", he went on to say "if you put your GoPros in one of these, they will never get broken or damaged in any way".


"You could put this case in the back of your car, at the bottom of a stack of boxes and other stuff and it would never, ever have a chance of damaging your camera or other gear just because of how beefy this case is".


The POV60 waterproof case fits four GoPro cameras with or without their housings and backdoors, as well as any and all accessories you own. Check out the GoPro Tips and Tricks review below to get a full view of all the features and possibilities of the POV60 case.


September 12, 2014 by UKPro Blog

GoPro in the Sky - A Bird's Eye View at the CMA Music Festival

Want to get that unique, bird's-eye view at a concert or any crowded event? Do what People Magazine's Katie Kauss did for her special coverage of the CMA Music Festival in Nashville a week ago.

 CMA Music Festival On Stage with Pole54HD and GoPro

Grab a UKPro Pole54HD, strap a GoPro on it and go wild. Check out more of the wild images from the CMA fest snapped with the UKPro pole and the full article through this link!

Filming concert from above with UKPro Pole54HD

An unbeatable view of a Dierks Bentley show courtesy of the UKPro Pole54HD. Images by Katie Kauss for

June 14, 2014 by UKPro Blog

UKPro's Freestyler Kit Turns Night into Day

Just because night falls doesn't mean the fun has to stop! GoPro cameras are fantastic fun and great for all kinds of filming, but they can need an extra boost when filming at night or in low light.

 UKPro Freestyler Video Night Filming Kit

This is where UKPro's Freestyler Kit comes in handy. The kit includes a super adjustable Flex arm as well as a lightweight but very bright 200 lumen LED light. It really makes a difference for night time footage.


Check out some images below that UKPro user Clay Unger sent in using the Freestyler Kit to light up a low-light skate shoot, and then get yours!

 Filming with GoPro at Night - Freestyler Video Light

May 01, 2014 by UKPro Blog

GoPro® Wedding - Unique Action Cam Wedding Footage

Avel Chuklanov loves his GoPros®. He carries them everywhere, so much so that his wife calls his cameras "his second wife".
So she wasn't entirely surprised when Avel suggested filming their own wedding using GOPROs ® he would carry. She thought he was joking at first, only later realizing he was actually dead serious.

GoPro Wedding UKPro Pole22
So he did, strapping several GoPros to himself for the duration of the wedding, and carrying a UKPro Pole22 for extra measure to get every possible angle of the proceedings. The groomsmen were also equipped with the cameras, as the image below clearly shows. 
"As a filmmaker and wedding cinematographer I've always wanted to do something different and creative for my wedding. Even before meeting my wife I would tell people that I'll shoot my own wedding", he told UKPro. He decided on using GoPro cameras because they would create a unique "groom's eye view", and also hired a backup wedding cinematographer to make sure there was ample material for the final tape.
Avel told many people of his unique plan, most of whom thought he was joking until he showed up at the wedding, GoPro'd to the nines.
"I think the best reaction I got was from my mom when she saw all of my groomsmen walking down the aisle with GoPros. By that time it was too late for her to "forbid" me to ruin my own wedding", he recounts.

Wedding with GoPro UKPro Poles
The images we've seen are pretty terrific, and show it was definitely worth it. Certainly the kind of dedication we can agree with, and a unique way to capture a special day. Our thanks to Avel for his time and congratulations to the happy couple.
These images were taken by Daniel Usenko. Avel's video company is The Film House. See some of their work on Vimeo!

March 13, 2014 by UKPro Blog

UKPro Partners with Jetpack America - Fly Through the Air with GoPro

UKPro Pole22 Jetpack America

Ever wanted to fly through the air like Superman? The good folks at Jetpack America have made it possible and UKPro is happy to be partnering with them. 
Jetpack America offers awesome and unique flight experiences with the world's first recreational jetpack in San Diego and Newport Beach, California, as well as in Honolulu, HI and Las Vegas.
UKPro has provided Jetpack America with our POV Poles to help out with the GoPro filming experiences offered for the flights. Check out an awesome compilation of flights in the video linked below.


March 05, 2014 by UKPro Blog