How to Get Sponsored by a Brand (And How Not To)

"Brand ambassador". It sounds like a nice title to slap onto your Instagram profile. And what could be more fun that receiving free stuff from companies you love?

How does one go about getting sponsored by a brand?

UKPro has happily sponsored people all around the world of all ages in various fields, so we have some experience and insight into what a good brand ambassador looks like.

We get hundreds of applications from all kinds of people wanting to "Represent the Brand" (or just get free stuff), so here are some tips on how to get that brand interested in you.

First, here's what not to do.

We get a surprising amount of this type of email. Probably not going to happen.

a) We don't know who you are - there's literally zero information here. Even if we were impressed by the initiative here, we would need to make the effort to get your address and basic information. We're busy. Make it easy for us.

b) You clearly spent 10 seconds on this while on your phone. If that's the effort you put in now, we don't think you'll do more when you get the gear to try out.

The age old rule "it never hurts to ask" is true. But ask in a way that has at least a 0.01% chance of success.

So, what should you do?

First, think of it from the perspective of the company. Why are they sponsoring you?

  • They may want you to test and review the product and give feedback on possible improvements.
  • They may want images and video of you using the product to use in their advertising, website, or internal catalogs.
  • They may want you to use the product and have other people see you using it and become interested in the brand

Or any number of other things. This will be specific to each company!

The key is - you have to convince the company that you can, and will do this once you get approved.


By UKPro athlete Jesse Brangwynne - @Jdbrang

How to get sponsored

  1. Tell us who you are

This is amazingly important. Tell the brand what kind of person you are. What are your interests? If you're into hunting, and you want to try out some hunting gear - tell them your specific interest in hunting and the outdoors.

Include links to your social media pages! If you post hunting selfies on Instagram, we want to see that!

Don't say : "I haven't started my youtube yet but I'll do it soon". Start it now! Put one video on it, of anything that can show the company you have the ability to make videos, and will actually do it.

             2. Have a plan

It's OK if you don't have tens of thousands of YouTube subscribers of Instagram followers. Those kinds of people are rare. They probably have brands contacting them.

If you don't have a huge following, you can make up for it with a plan. Are you traveling soon and want to try out a piece of gear? Tell the brand your travel plans and what you plan to do with the item. Attach a photo of another trip showing you can take a good photo, or a blog post you wrote about a piece of gear.

We are more likely to believe you will deliver what you say, if you have done something similar in the past - whether for your own enjoyment or for another brand.

Don't say : "I'll try to come up with something to do with it". You don't have to have it all figured out, but even a vague idea will help.


By Cody Traxler

          3. Include photos

From our perspective at UKPro, a lot of times we want our "sponsored" athletes to send photos of them using the gear. So when they apply for sponsorship, we want to see if they can take a picture.

Show us you snowboard and can take a mean photo while doing it. Tell us how our gear can make your experience better.

Don't : Send a link to an empty YouTube channel you started 5 minutes ago just for this.

By Johannes Seehuber in Germany

By Johannes Seehuber in Germany

        4. Know the brand

Use specific language in your application that shows you know who we are. We get a lot of emails from hopeful people who never mention the brand name, and say nothing specific about the products. It's easy to spot a generic, copy-paste email.

Even better is to have a specific product in mind so you can request it, say why you like that one, and tell us your plan on what you are going to do with it.

Good luck!

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