Space Station Multi-Cam Mount


Make any shooting challenge simple with a UKPro Space Station Mount.

Mount up to four GoPro cameras, or any other brand of action camera onto the high strength plate.

Use lights or other extension accessories to create professional lighting and angles with ease.

The Space Station mount connects directly on to the bulk of the pole, making for an attachment that is more than 5 times stronger than any other brand of accessory.


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The Space Station is a real professional grade mount for a heavy user.

Attach up to four GoPro cameras on the Space Station with the provided knobs and tripod mounts, or use any camera on the heavy duty mount.

Because it attaches directly to UKPro's series of poles, you can film with any camera in almost any situation.

Get shots from hard to reach places you can't with a regular tripod. Shoot at night with up to three lights attached to the Space Station mount. Use GoPros, DSLRs, Point & Shoots, almost any camera on the pole mount.

The fortified pole mount joint is five times stronger than that of any competitor, providing peace of mind even in the more demanding shooting environments.

Use while diving, in location shoots, to get above the action in a crowd or competition, the sky is the limit with the Space Station Mount.

Dimensions : 4.25" x 2.75"

*GoPro® cameras not included


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