UKPro Poles Elevate Karma Grip Footage

GoPro's new Karma Grip is a pretty sweet tool for getting the stablest footage imaginable when adventuring with the new camera. In the bumpier activities like biking or hiking, getting that extra stability can really improve your video.

The grip is compatible with all UKPro poles.

Extend your reach with gopro pole and karma grip

You can now mount the Karma Grip onto any UKPro pole with the including mounting ring. This makes for even better footage, whether you're filming yourself in "selfie mode", or shooting what's happening around you. The extra stability, length, and strength provided by the UKPro pole will elevate your footage.

UKPro poles have been tested to be as much as six times stronger than any other camera pole on the market. This is why they can also carry a good deal of weight on them safely and steadily. No other pole on the market can perform in this way.


Since the UKPro poles are made of high quality aluminum or carbon fiber construction, they are incredibly lightweight. So a combined 40" pole, Karma Grip and camera will only weigh less than a pound. This is great for travel, camping, hiking, and all other activities where you want to keep your gear flexible with the most utility, but also lightweight.

UKPro and Karma. Easy to carry, more flexible with angles, and a sturdier grip.


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